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       Justice Mukete Tahle Itoe is a practising Judge in Cameroon.

A holder of a Post-Graduate Diploma (Maitrise) in law from the university of Yaounde, Cameroon, Justice Mukete has also attended many Diploma/leadership courses at the UN Human Rights Centre in Switzerland, the International Institute of Human Rights (IIHR) in France, the Institute of Social Studies (ISS) in The Netherlands, and the International Development Law Institute IDLI) in Italy, amongst others.

He has written many articles and position papers on the rule of law, anti-corruption, human rights, democracy and governance.

Justice Mukete sits on the Cameroon government National Anti-Corruption Observatory (OLC) at the Prime Minister's Office. He is a member of many international organisations amongst which are the World Jurist Association (WJA), Penal Reform International (PRI), Annesty International (AI) , International Correction and Prisons Association (ICPA) and the International Development Lawyers Forum (IDLF). He is an Associate of the Council of a Community of Democracies,USA.

He is also the secretary General of theGlobal Network for Good Governance (GNGG), an anti-corruption, democracy and good governance organisation created at the International Development Law Institute (IDLI), in Rome, Italy, in 1999.



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