> Biography of Programmes Co-ordinator

VPI is a membership organization. Members include lawyers, medical doctors, social workers, teachers, psychologists, prison staff, ex-offenders, judges and students.

VPI's Board has 9 members. The highest decision making body is the general assembly which meets once a year.

VPI's office is in Kumba, Cameroon with 1 salaried staff and 3 volunteer staff.


Chairman--------------------------------- Mr. Hon Motasse David Ngoh, Former Vice Speaker of the National Assembly.
Programmes Co-ordinator ----------------Mr. Mukete Tahle Itoe, Magistrate
Secretary general -------------------------Mr. Nkongho James,Superintendent of prison
Project Analyst ---------------------------Mr. Julius Nyamkimah,Civil Administrator
Medical Consultants ----------------------Dr. Akwe Samuel (MD)
                                                                 Dr. Leumale Joseph (MD)
                                                                 Dr. Roger Daloko (MD MPH)
                                                                 Dr. John Egbe Agbo (MD)
Treasurer ---------------------------------Ms. Eveline Zia Ndong, Educationist
Public Relations Officer------------------- Fon Nchiko Constatin, Journalist
Legal Adviser ----------------------------Mr. Ekane Jean, Magistrate


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